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Bank reprofiling at DHL

NW Groundwork have been entrusted to re-profile an earth bank at the DHL hub in Northamptonshire.

As part of the site preparation, before earth moving could begin vegetation from the existing bank was carefully removed layer by layer, so we could look for wildlife.

Before the bank reprofiling at DHL could begin, we also had to remove a number of items of existing infrastructure from the site, including a staircase and gantry.

The first phase of excavation included digging out the face of the bank.

The entire area was kept clean and organised throughout the operation.

Water diverters were installed above the bank to prevent surface water run off carrying soil and contaminants away. The areas were swept regularly and we employed our new drip trays and solar-powered boot wash to prevent the spread of contaminants and reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls. Our dust suppression unit was utilised to reduce the impact of the excavation work.

The new profile of the bank shows how the steepness of the original has been mitigated and stabilised.

The original staircase and gantry were reinstated, saving DHL the cost of a replacement and better for the environment.

Finally, the area was finished off with a crib wall and landscaping.

The final landscaped result


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