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Birdwatching Paths at Protos

Protos have dedicated over 50 hectares of land to nature, including planting over 2,600 trees and creating two purpose built habitats, Snipe Haven and Goldfinch Meadows.

NW Groundwork were tasked with installing paths through the habitats.

Goldfinch Meadows encourages migrants such as chiffchaff, blackcap and whitethroat as well as our native birds, including barn owls and wrens. Coot and their young have been observed on the pond, and it is very likely there has been breeding by moorhen and mallard, on nests hidden amongst the vegetation. 

Snipe Haven is home to water voles and stoats and a number of wildfowl, including mallard, moorhen, coot, and gadwall, with hidden cameras monitoring nature activity at the site.   


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