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Replacing a Collapsed Culvert for the National Trust

Following heavy rain, NW Groundwork were contacted by the National Trust as a matter of emergency, following a report of flooding across a public road from water running off their land.

NW Groundwork were asked to investigate the cause of the flooding and perform repairs. As you can see the area behind the drain was extremely overgrown and surface water was showing above the location of a culvert, indicating that the culvert had collapsed.

The area had to be cleared of growth and the culvert dug out back to a section of unbroken drainage pipe. Working in difficult conditions the team were able to install new sections of pipe to rebuild the culvert.

The culvert was replaced and the area was backfilled and remediated.

Recycled road planings were used as a temporary base and the opening in the wall that had to be made to access the area will be filled with a gate.

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