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EV Bike for NW Groundworks

We'd like to thank all the team at Inch Perfect Trials for supplying NW Groundworks with a new electric-powered off-road bike.

Our projects often unfold within ecologically sensitive areas, and this vehicle empowers our team to access even the most remote corners of larger sites like the renewable energy site at Chester Protos, without leaving a lasting environmental impact.

The bike is particularly of value when working on sites of special scientific interest, such as the peatland restoration project on Holcombe Moor, or in delicate wildlife conservation areas like the new habitats at Chester Protos.

Matthew Alpe at Inch Perfect Trials: " I'm glad we’ve been able to find a vehicle that meets the requirements needed for the renewable energy sites and to improve your efficiency and productivity whilst on site in a green and sustainable way."

The new bike allows us to work towards a greener, more sustainable future that seamlessly integrates construction with environmental preservation.


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