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Praise for Emergency Works at Frodsham Wind Farm

NW Groundwork were praised for their recent emergency work undertaken to repair lifting concrete walkways at Frodsham Wind Farm, following heavy rainfall.

emergency work undertaken by NW Groundwork to repair lifting concrete walkways at Frodsham Wind Farm

The Wind Farm's West Substation is located on marshy ground and the continuing wet weather had caused the concrete walkways to lift, blocking the substation doors.

NW Groundwork responded as soon as the defect was found and worked with the Wind Farm team from Natural Power and with the landowner to agree a solution, which they were able to implement the following week.

Wind Farm manager, Jonny Boucker from Natural Power, was delighted: "I want to extend my thanks for your hard work on the walkway repair at the wind farm last week. "The work you carried out is of an extremely high quality, the team while on site controlled CDM in a clear and effective manner, as there was heavy plant involved with this activity this is something I was keeping a keen eye on, and I must say I was not disappointed, the exclusion zones were clearly demarcated and persons arriving on site were met by one of your team, inducted and instructed on access requirements."

Emergency work to cut away the concrete sections blocking the doors of Frodsham Wind Farm West Substation

He added, "When the concrete lifted and started to block the 33kV substation doors it became an emergency job to allow access to this room for a variety of high level activities, your quick response to cut away the sections blocking the doors was not only recognised by myself but also the owner of the wind farm too, they have asked me to express their thanks, so thank you.

Rollingthe new pathways during emergency work to repair lifting concrete walkways at Frodsham Wind Farm

"When we became aware that the design of the walkway was the problem you produced a solution which we all agreed was the best means to remedy this issue, during the full walkway repair work you came across some tough challenges such as water ingress due to the characteristics of the marsh land the site is built on and a breakdown in the previous water defence barrier, you had the means to pump this out in a manner which conformed with our strict habitat management plan.

"While you were on site you followed our work control process to the letter and took on PD & PC under CDM in a manner which I believe all contractors could learn from. "Thank you again and your team at NW Groundworks, you will be our preferred contractor moving forward."


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